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Get hooked on this addicting game that provides a laidback and highly relaxing experience that you’ll constantly want to come back to.
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If you’ve ever wanted to play a truly relaxing and tranquil game in which you get to play as a duck and swim around then Ducklings is definitely the game for you. This is a highly addicting and unique game that not only provides a thoroughly entertaining experience but is also incredibly calming to play thanks to its simple yet addicting core design that makes things easy to get into but hard to get enough of.

In Ducklings, you’ll get to play as a duck swimming around a fairly large body of water. The gameplay revolves around avoiding incoming boats to make sure your duck doesn’t take damage and, alongside this, you’ll also need to find and rescue little ducklings that are hidden in different parts of the water. Ducklings even lets players build their very own test which is a neat feature to have and certainly gives players a worthwhile sense of progression as they watch their nest gradually build up.

The visuals of Ducklings, much like the overall game itself, feature a fairly simplistic design that doesn’t focus on being truly revolutionary but, nonetheless, looks quite appealing. The sleek and minimalistic visuals, alongside the vibrant colors of the game and the smooth animations, make for some great visuals that do not disappoint so, all things considered, Ducklings is a stellar game that you shouldn’t miss out on at all.