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Unleash the power of a true god and get some dirt, water, fire and other elements on your hands to create the universe in all of its glory in Doodle God Blitz
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According to the bible, God created the world in 6 days, but do you think that you can bet God's record? Well it’s your time to find out because we have this amazing puzzle game for you, in which you get to play god, literally. Create the entire universe from scratch by using simple elements from nature like water, fire, earth and air; use your creativity, but believe us when we say that this is a job for true deities.

If you like puzzle games, we have an interesting title for you, in which you’ll have to use your basic knowledge of science, your creativity and become some kind of mad scientist in order to shape the universe. With Doodle God Blitz your wicked desire to rule over absolutely everything, as now you’re the god of your own universe.

In Doodle God Blitz you’ll start from the bottom with some basic elements, but then you can make your way to the top creating metal, electricity, life and even some booze to kill the time. Take your primitive world to a more modern era using your wit, but if you ever get stuck on some level, you can always use hints to keep the creation going.

Doodle God Blitz is divided on the beginning, the technology, modern world and finally a magic world, but if you ever get tired of creating your world, you can play in special missions to rescue damsels in distress, solve divine problems and even help Santa Claus with some troubles.

Even though Doodle God Blitz is the ultimate game for puzzle lovers and is really fun, the free version for mobile has too many ads that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the game at its fullest. If you want, you can throw a couple bucks on the game and then play it without interruptions; it’s worth it so we recommend you to do it.