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Sure we all have heard of domino, since it’s one of the oldest classic games in the history of board games. Even though the rules of domino are very simple, it takes a lot of training and practice to develop a good game strategy. If you are a pro player or you are just starting, try Domino! Dominoes online and have a lot of fun with people on the internet or friends from Facebook.

Domino! Dominoes online is the virtual version of one great classic board game, in which 2 or 4 players use 7 tiles to play; the player that uses all its tiles first is the winner and then adds up all the points in the hands of its rivals to his score, the one that reaches a certain goal like 100 points first is the winner.

There are different ways to play dominoes but they are all basically different ways to add up the points. Domino! Dominoes online offer 5 different ways to play like All fives, All threes, Draw game, Block game and Kozel. If you enjoy this game as much as we do, we guarantee you that you’ll have a really good time playing it.

Domino! Dominoes online offers its players the chance to play by yourself with other 3 CPU players, but if you want to make things more humanized, you can play with real people on the internet. Domino! Dominoes online is one of the largest domino communities on the internet and there are a lot of great players on it, but if you want you can select your rivals by sending an invitation through Facebook.

Enjoy this classic board game of strategy with Domino! Dominoes online and challenge your Friends to see who is the ultimate domino champion of dominoes.