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Treat all the patients in each level within the given time in this time management game, Doctor Dash!
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Doctor Dash: Hospital Game is a hospital-themed time management game where the goal is to both treat the target number of patients and hit the target amount of profits made for every level within the time limit.

You’ll start the game with a small hospital and only two doctors but as your hospital grow in fame, you’ll get to unlock new specialists and be able to eventually treat other diseases. The game lets you expand your hospital empire as well, and you can travel from New Delhi to other countries to set up your own hospitals. There are also achievements to earn. To put it simply, the game is fairly easy to play and is suitable for younger kids who are into time management games.

Like most free-to-play time management game, Doctor Dash restricts how long you can spend playing the game at any time with its energy system. Each level you play costs 1 energy point. However, energy points replenish themselves over time and after a break, you can hop right in and play the game some more.

As a freemium game, the game does offer a few ways you can earn some extra stuff either by spending your time or some real cash. There are ads that you can watch to double your rewards or even gain some extra items. You can also spend real money to purchase Infinite Energy which will allow you unlimited play time, as well as item packs containing more coins and gems (premium currency).

To sum it all up, Doctor Dash is a fairly standard time management game that is easy enough for younger kids to enjoy. There are plenty of new features to unlock in the game and many levels to enjoy.