Detective Sherlock Holmes: Hidden Objects

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Switch your detective mode on and test your observation skills in this exciting adventure game
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Developed by CrispApp Studio, Detective Sherlock Holmes: Hidden Objects is a highly entertaining puzzle solving game in which you’ll be helping Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson on their quest to unfold the mysteries by looking for clues and hints. The gameplay is pretty smooth and straight forward considering the fact that you’d be assigned different tasks as you progress through the game such as finding hidden objects in the most unexpected places, spotting the difference between two identical images and places, creating pairs of objects and creatures, and several other enjoyable levels to help you take your detective skills to the next level so if you’re into puzzle solving games and love detective stories, you’re certainly going to enjoy this one.

Along with an engaging and smooth gameplay experience, the visuals of the game are also pretty detailed and the colors are also vibrant which makes the overall interface of the game much more appealing since the game features several different types of game locations to keep things fresh for the players. Users can download and play the game easily without paying a single cent and what makes the game a lot more enjoyable is that, unlike other mobile games, Detective Sherlock Holmes: Hidden Objects allows you to make in-game purchases for free as well, which means you can conveniently unlock and enjoy every cut scene without paying a single penny and you’d certainly enjoy this aspect of the game since all the scenes feature your favorite characters from the show.

All things considered, Detective Sherlock Holmes: Hidden Objects is a remarkable mystery-solving game with amazing graphics and diverse game locations to keep you hooked for hours upon hours so if you’re a fan of the franchise or simply like detective stories, you should check this out.