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Delight yourself with another fun way to play chess against an AI foe or your friends in Chess V+
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Chess is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, board games of the world, in which 2 players battle each other using strategy to capture the rival’s king and now we have for you a new and fun way to enjoy this game in your home with your friends or by yourself. Chess V+ allow its users to battle a very intelligent AI with 20 different levels of difficulty so everyone can enjoy it.

If you think that you’re a pro at chess or you want to learn your way around the chess board, you can play Chess V+ and have a good time facing your friends or the CPU. Try to defeat the computer, but if you think that is too tough for you lower the difficulty and try it over and over. This game is excellent for any kind of chess player.

You can use all the available tools to help you during your match, for example if you didn’t see the last move of your rival, you can ask the game to do it again for you. You can also use the hint button that will tell you the best move available or the tool that lets you see all the legal moves so you decide which one is the best for your strategy.

An undo and redo button are also available for you in case that you are just trying to improve some special positions. Chess V+ also stands out in terms of aesthetics, since you can change the shape of the tokens, the board and the background whenever you want.

If you really like chess and you want to get better at it, download Chess V+ to have fun and develop an unbeatable game to show everyone that you are the best.