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Gather all your checkers on your field before your rival and demonstrate who the best at this classic board game is.
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Vintage is not a strong enough game to describe how old this game really is, since backgammon is approximately 5000 years old. Even though this game is that old, there are a lot of people that still enjoy this classic strategy board game. Backgammon Reloaded is definitely one of the best ways to play this game, thanks to its great graphics and the feature to play online.

Backgammon Reloaded is just a classic simulator of this old board game, but includes some features that make the experience really enjoyable like great graphics, animations, sound effects and the online multiplayer mode. This game is for average backgammon players, but if you’re an amateur just look for the rules online and then start to play; practice makes perfect after all.

Backgammon Reloaded offers online and offline mode; if you are just starting, we suggest playing a few offline matches before facing real rivals, otherwise they will clean the floor with you. Backgammon Reloaded offers a whole set of difficulties to improve your skills and become a real player of this amazing board game.

The main goal of Backgammon Reloaded is to take all your checkers to your field, but you can only do this by throwing the dice and moving the amount of spaces that these ones indicate. You can even enjoy some special moves when you throw a double, but remember that every time your rival kills one of your checkers, you have to put it back on the board before continuing your game.

Backgammon Reloaded is a simple game with simple rules, but there is something about it that makes you keep playing for hours. Goa head and try it for yourself, we assure you that you’ll have a really good time.