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Take advantage of your power and position and lead your new kingdom to a time of prosperity and abundance with this magnificent title.
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A true rule is just as big as his decision, but when those decisions fail all the blame falls on the back of the one in power. This is the main topic of Age of Dynasties, since now you’re a powerful king with a big realm to rule. Age of Dynasties is a strategy game, in which your only job is to take the right decisions and balance the needs of your kingdom to create a prosperous place to live.

Age of Dynasties begins with a simple tutorial, in which a wise man teaches you all about handling your kingdom. This implies a lot of stuff, but each one of these are important since every decision you make affects different areas of your kingdom. For example, if you fund investigations, you’ll percentage of science will rise, but the gold will decrease.

The objective of Age of Dynasties is to remain in the position of king the longest time possible. If you want your realm to be successful, it's important that you’re a fair and intelligent king. In any case if some of the main features of your realm decrease too much, you’ll lose it. You lose the game, if you let go important aspects of your kingdom like gold, wood, rock, etc.

War is common in these kinds of games, since you live in the middle ages and the best way to expand your kingdom is to take what you need from other places. Remember that you have to be smart because if you don’t make the right choices, your people and your land will suffer the consequences.

Become the best ruler that has ever existed and remain in the throne until the day of your death; long live the king of Age of Dynasties.