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Put on a strategic masterclass and outplay your opponent in this highly immersive 3D chess game that’ll keep you glued to the screen for hours.
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With tons of amazing in-game features, 3D Chess Game is an incredible computer-version of the real life board game in which you’ll be moving your pieces around the board in order to play your opponent and emerge victorious so get ready, raise your concentration levels, and test your strategic abilities in this entertaining chess game like no other. The core gameplay mechanics are pretty similar to the real-life board game but in case you’re new to the game, there’s an intuitive tutorial level at the start of the game that’ll help you get familiar with the mechanics of the game.

The game takes place on a checkered filed with each player having their pieces on their side of the board. Since the game is turn-based, just like the real-life game, each player gets a turn to move their piece around the table and each one of the piece that you’ll have would have its own strengths and weaknesses so make sure you make the right move as each move can be decisive. The main objective of the game is to checkmate the opponents King so the first player who successfully checkmates the King of their rival, claims the victory. If you’re playing a single player campaign, you’ll get to enjoy 25 different levels in the game and each one of these levels has their own difficulty level so you better stay prepared for a surprising element. The Help feature in the game offers you the chance to get some help from the computer on your next move so if you’re stuck at some point in the game, you can use this button for assistance.

Overall, 3D Chess Game is a fascinating game with multitudes of amazing features that make this game worthy of trying.