Why Match-3 Games are Perfect for the Mobile Platform?

In this article, we’ll be talking about mobile-based match-3 games in bit of detail and analyzing why this genre is the perfect fit for this platform. Why Match-3 Games are Perfect for the Mobile Platform? large

The match-3 genre has become quite popular over the years and as of right now these games are available on a variety of different platforms. In this article we’ll be talking about mobile based match-3 games in bit of detail and analyzing why this genre is the perfect fit for this platform.

The main reason match-3 games are basically perfect for mobile is the fact that these games are usually played when the player has a few minutes to spare and there are countless moments like this when someone is on the go. Most of the time while outside people run into a ton of instances in which they have a small bit of time to kill while they wait in line or wait for something else and this is basically the perfect time for match-3 games since they can launch the game, play a level or two and the wait will be over by the time these levels are completed.

It’s a pretty well known fact that a lot of people who are into casual gaming more than hardcore gaming prefer the mobile platform as their platform of choices and the match-3 genre is perhaps the epitome of casual gaming because players don’t need to invest hours upon hours into these games in order to progress, micro-transactions are completely optional and you can get by fine without them, there’s no competition to worry about and the overall gameplay is just very laidback because you simply swipe to match the objects and complete the objectives in order to progress further and further.

The touch based controls of mobile devices also make playing these games extremely easier than playing them on a computer. If you’re playing match-3 games on a computer then you have to use the mouse as your control which can get pretty tedious as you have to manually point at every single object, click it and then drag it towards the object that you want to swap it with. However, when you’re playing on a mobile device you simply give the screen a quick swipe and the rest will take care of itself. Using power-ups is much more convenient as well since you simply have to tap once on the power-up and then tap where you want to deploy said power-up in order to use it. This intuitive control scheme makes match-3 games extremely enjoyable on mobile devices.

Last but certainly not least, modern day mobile devices allow the developers to implement some seriously heavy duty visuals into the game. A lot of the higher quality match-3 games that are being developed for the mobile platform have some absolutely phenomenal visuals that make these games a delight to look at.

All said and done, the aforementioned reasons are why we believe that the mobile platform is pretty much the perfect platform for match-3 games. Speaking of the genre, we recommend that you try some of its games out whenever you can because they’re quite addictive.