Top 4 Racing Games on the Windows App Store

If you want to find the best racing title for you on your Window’s app store, don’t stop reading because we brought you our A list. Top 4 Racing Games on the Windows App Store large

Racing games are a fun experience for everyone, even if you’re not an aficionado of engines, you might find some racing games actually quite refreshing. Whether it is for the excitement of going at high speeds, the awesome graphics or the realistic feeling of being behind the wheel of a powerful running machine, we all like being fast and furious sometimes.

If you want to find the best racing title for you on your Window’s app store, then don’t stop reading because we brought you our A list.

Nitro Nation

First of all, we want you to understand that this list doesn’t follow any order, since all the games in here are great and they all have different features that makes them addictive in their own style. Once we have that clear; is time to start this list with one of the fastest ways to become the king of the streets; Nitro Nation.

Even though this game focuses on gaining speed and stability by using the gearbox in the right time, it is actually so addictive because once you win your first races, all you want to do is make your car the fastest one in this whole Nitro Nation. You’re sprinting so don’t worry about steering or avoiding obstacles, since all you have to do is apply the change on the right time to gain speed; you can also use nitro boosts to make your rivals eat dust.

GT Racing 2

Bringing the elegance to this race we have GT Racing 2; a racing game made by Gameloft, in which the simulation is so vivid, thanks to the astonishing graphics of this game. Even though the graphics are in high definition, you don’t have to worry for the gameplay because it’s really smooth and it feels very realistic. Even though it seems like GT Racing 2 demands the player to put a lot of real cash inside the game to be able to fully enjoy it, there is a lot of free content for gamers to play.

Forza Street

The Forza franchise has its own legacy and now we can ride the tracks of this game from our mobile phones with the incredible title Forza Street. If you have the chance to play Forza Street, we assure you that you’ll immediately love it, since it offers very appealing scenarios with night races, neon lights and HD graphics. Even though Forza Street is really easy to play, it’s this simplicity that makes the title so attractive for newcomers; its casual and we love that.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Let us end this top with a classic of classics, since we couldn’t let the Asphalt franchise out of our list. Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest title of this franchise and let us tell you that this game is absolutely gorgeous. The lights, the effects, the speed, everything looks so good that it catches you at the very first second. Even though the gameplay might not be too challenging, Asphalt 9: Legends is a game, in which any racer can just chill and easily satisfy that need for speed.

Although there are a lot more good games, these are the ones we chose as the best. Don’t hesitate; you can’t go wrong with any of these.