Our Top 3 Favorite Flight Simulators

If you want a way to fly from the comfort of your own couch, we have put up a list with 3 of the most amazing flying simulators on the market right now. You'll definitely like one of these. Our Top 3 Favorite Flight Simulators large

Flying is a desire that humankind has owned since we were created, today there are many ways to fly, but if you want a way to do it from the comfort of your own couch, we have put up a list with 3 of the most amazing flying simulators on the app store. So you want to sit down, relax and prepare for takeoff, because here you have Our Top 3 Favorite Flight Simulators.


The first place is clearly for our favorite flight simulator of the season, FoxOne. If you like flying and blowing up stuff in your way with beautiful graphics, great music and a big variety of guns and jets, then FoxOne is the right game for you, since here you get to experience the extreme life of the member of an elite Air Force squad.

Play different levels, in which you are rewarded for every enemy you destroy with solid cash, if you want to improve your skills and your power, use the money you earn to buy more firepower and faster jets, but remember that every mission has special requirements so you want to keep your inventory balanced.

This game delivers many features like great animations and an intense soundtrack with realistic visual effects, but definitely the best part of the game is the intuitive controls that guarantee a smooth ride every time.

Airplane Flight Simulator 2019

Since the developers did such a great job on the graphics, the realism of the cockpit controls and the physics of the game, we give Airplane Flight Simulator 2019 the second place in our top 3 favorite flight simulators. This game is perfect for you, if you want to immerse yourself in the game and become a real pilot.
Each part of the game was properly polished and you can play many different missions, in which you’ll be in charge of taking your passengers across the sky, but remember that the only one that can guarantee that all of them will have a safe landing is yourself. The visual and sound effects also set the environment for this adventure in the sky.

Police Airplane Prison Flight

Although this is the last place of our list, that doesn’t mean that this game is not worthy of your time, since Police Airplane Prison Flight is that adrenaline that you’ve been looking for. If you think that transporters don't have risky adventures, well you might want to think again, because in this game you’ll play as a driver and a pilot with very dangerous passengers.

Unless you want to be responsible for helping a threatening inmate to break out of jail, you better start practicing your driving and your flying, as this awesome hybrid simulator offers you two different ways of playing. The game also delivers decent graphics that even though they’re not HD; it complements them with an awesome soundtrack and great playability.

There are many different flying simulators out there, but the important thing is that you find the one that provides you the best time playing, thanks for reading and we hope that you have fun in the skies.